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Discover an extensive range of products for Rock Bio Chemical, spectroscopy, and life science applications. Our online platform makes it easy to search through and buy our whole product range and a wide variety of chemical mixtures.

With over 5,000 chemicals available for research and industrial use, we offer many unique compounds exclusive to Apollo Scientific, and we continuously add new products. Our inventory caters to both small-scale R&D quantities and bulk orders.

Our life science product line meets routine needs for antibiotics and buffers, as well as specialized requirements for proteomics, molecular biology, and stem cell research.

Almost 5,000 compounds, many of which are exclusive to Apollo Scientific, are available to researchers and industry. New compounds are added regularly. Many products are available in R&D quantities right up to bulk.

Through our life science product line, we provide routinely needed antibiotics and buffers, as well as more specialized requests for proteomics, molecular biology, and stem cell research. 

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